Everyone wants to see their businesses grow. The best way to speed up growth is to not just hire the right people, but keep them long term. The right people will represent your business in a way that increases client confidence and sales. Leaders often know what they need when hiring, but once you get the right people on board, how do you get them to stay? 

1. Provide clearly defined growth opportunities.

Providing clearly defined growing opportunities has many benefits. First, employees that know they have the opportunity to grow within the business will work harder. Whether the growth is by pay, position or title, they will have something to work toward. No one wants to be stuck in a dead end job. The key to keeping employees is to make their position a career. Keeping people in your company and in the green industry provides for a stronger industry in the long run. Also, having the opportunities clearly stated is important. Making sure all employees are given the same opportunity and the growth is clearly explained to them will prevent issues later on.

2. Give them more responsibility and cross-training.

Yes, mowing lawn and pulling weeds are great. But, most people want to do more over time. Give employees responsibility such as talking with clients, minor paper work and being in charge of a site. By  doing so you will keep up employee morale. Power can be an illusion. Your employees will feel more empowered when you assign them extra task. They will believe that because you are asking more of them they are special and trustworthy. Sometimes that in itself will constitute as a raise in place of a monetary raise. Cross-training in more areas such as irrigation installation, lighting and water features will be good for them and you. It is good for them because they are building their experience and can mix up their work more. It is good for you because you can assign them more diverse tasks confidentially.

3. Provide them with a culture of accountability.

If you personally take responsibility for all the mistakes and triumphs of the team, no one will learn or feel satisfied. When employees take responsibility for their work, they are bound to do a better job and be more gratified. This will create less mistakes on the sites and employees will feel more inclined to apologize verses run to you for help. Giving them the power and accountability to communicate with homeowners will make jobs run smoothly and less headaches on your end.

4. Pay for performance.

No one will stay with your company if you aren’t paying them fairly. You want your employees to work hard, so it is fair for them to expect wages that reflect their hard work. Your pay should be generous yet reasonable. Keep your employees hard at work and happy, then you’ll be set up for success.

5. Value your employees.

If you value them, do what you can to make them happy. Listen to their complaints and settle issues before they get out of hand. Saying “thank you” isn’t done enough. Simply telling your team they did well will go a long way. Another way to show your appreciation is through flex time. Whatever is scarce has value, so give them the gift of time. You can trust your top performers to use flex time wisely and honestly.

6. Only allow them to work with other winners

By hiring an all-a-round good team you will build a stronger business. The guys that have been on awhile will always be skeptical of the new guy. New members must prove themselves and be hard workers to be appreciated by the seasoned staff. If you allow workers to slack, those who work hard will resent them. Hard workers don’t like to be held back by slackers. Only hire and keep winners, your business and team will thank you.

7.Ask for their Feedback

Seek out their opinions and ideas and ask for their thoughts/feedback before changing anything or starting something new. Employees want to feel included. They are the ones representing your business and interacting with the clients on a daily basis. Due to this they hear what the clients are looking for and what they need. Getting your employees’ feedback and opinions will make them feel included and essential to the business. The more ties you create for your team within the company the more dedicated and loyal they will be.

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