Have you ever been frustrated watching plant material overtake a lighting fixture? Sometimes it takes a few years as a plant matures. Other times it’s a single season. And then, before you know it…BOOM…the fixture is swallowed up and the plant looks like a glowing orb.

You can always move the fixture. However, for those occasions when you can’t or don’t want to move it, consider using a telescoping stem. These stems are also referred to as “adjustable height” stems or risers. With a simple twist of the collar, the upper part of the stem can be adjusted up (or down) to suit the needs of your project.


These stems typically adjust from about 18-inches to 33-inches. And, they can be used for path lights, wall washes or even accent lights. Some fixtures will attach directly to the stem. Others may require the use of a coupler or an elbow. It’s advisable to use a longer stake (14-inch) or a power post (19-inch) to add more stability to this assembly.

Installing it higher can also make it a bit top heavy for a standard 8-inch ground stake. The only thing more unsightly than a fixture engulfed in plant material is one lying on the ground! The one caveat to remember is to make sure you leave extra wire to allow for the stems to be raised.

Not Just for Plants

In addition to elevating fixtures above plant material, adjustable stems can make illuminating large boulders, yard art, and path ways more feasible. The taller the light source is positioned the wider the coverage is. This spreads the light beam out more. And, it can give a better (wider) coverage.

Just ask any homeowner that love perennials or those who can’t wait to try the latest annuals. Having the flexibility to raise and lower their fixtures as they try new varieties and not crowd their flowers is a game changer! And, for those of you who live in the snow-belt, adjustable stems can elevate fixtures above the deep snow, too!

Adjustable Height Stems

Minimum  Height 18-inches 16-inches 18-inches
Maximum Height 33-inches 28.75-inches 29-inches
Material Aluminum Alloy Brass Brass
Finish Powder Coat Brass Brass
Available Finishes Bronze, Black Burnished Brass Burnished Brass
0.5-14 NPSM Thread Yes Yes Yes
Work with ½” NPT Mount Yes – 15601/15607 Yes – RMB Yes – RMB
Ceramic Bi-Pin Socket No No Yes
Coupler Accessory Yes – 15649 No No
Elbow Accessory Yes – 15647 No No
Double Wire Lead No No Yes
Movable Collar to
Adjust Light Output
No No Yes

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