Tired of having to cut junction box holes or mortar around a junction box to install a step/wall light? Well, you no longer need all of those extra steps and the added labor hours! Start using Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s integrated LED step/wall lights. They surface-mount to the face of steps, walls, etc. – no j/box, no cutting. Drill a small hole to feed your wire through, level and attach the fixture with two screws, connect the wire to your transformer. DONE. The fixtures have a stainless steel back plate and a solid brass face plate so there is extra durability built in. They are backed up with a TEN YEAR warranty. There are two sizes available and two face plate styles to suit your design needs.

Specification Info:

DIMENSIONS 2.875” X 6” 2.875” X 6” 2.875” X 9” 2.875” X 9”
FACE PLATE / LENS 3-Louvers Frosted Lens 3-Louvers Frosted Lens
WATTAGE 4.5 W (20w equiv) 4.5 W (20w equiv) 9 W (40w equiv) 9 W (40w equiv)
KELVIN TEMP 2700K 2700K 2700K 2700K
VOLTAGE RANGE 8 – 15 VAC 8 – 15 VAC 8 – 15 VAC 8 – 15 VAC
LIFE SPAN 30,000 Hours 30,000 Hours 30,000 Hours 30,000 Hours
LEAD WIRE 25 feet 25 feet 25 feet 25 feet
MATERIAL Solid Brass Solid Brass Solid Brass Solid Brass
LIGHT SOURCE Integrated LED Integrated LED Integrated LED Integrated LED

These fixtures are GREAT for retrofit applications, too! If you have an existing step or wall light junction box / fixture embedded in brick/stone that didn’t survive as long as the wall, now you have a surface mount option to mount over the old junction box hole. If the old fixture was 120V, you can install an ETF60 mini electronic transformer inside the j/box and convert the 120V to 12V right at the fixture. Add some metal strips or wood blocks to the old j/box to screw the SL25/26/35/36-LED face plate into and you have a functioning fixture again. (Licensed electrical contractor should be engaged for any line voltage work.)

Check out these fixtures here or contact your local Wolf Creek warehouse.

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