Atlantic’s Deep Water Aeration Systems offer complete solutions for lakes up to 45′ in depth and 4 surface acres in an area. Complete systems come with Aeration Cabinet Assemblies with all subcomponents pre-installed, Deep Water Diffusers, Weighted Tubing and all necessary fittings.

Mini Aeration Kits

  • Dependable aeration for smaller ponds 3′ deep or less
  • Replaceable diaphragm cartridges extend service life
  • Weighted air stones with rim guards stand up to multi-season use
  • Kits include air pump with 6′ cord, stone, check valve and tubing as shown

Standard Aeration Kits

  • Beneficial for all seasons in ponds under 4′ deep
  • Replaceable diaphragms extend pump service life
  • Air stones feature brass insert fittings for durability and longevity
  • Ideal for aerating holding tanks during pond clean-outs
  • Kits include air pump with 6′ cord, stone, brass fittings, check valve and tubing as shown

Professional Aeration Kits

  • High output for large water gardens and koi ponds with greater oxygen demand
  • Circular diffuser design maximizes upwelling and circulation
  • High efficiency non-clogging diffuser tubing reduces friction for increased airflow
  • Kits include air pump with 6′ cord, diffuser, fittings, check valve and 3/8″ weighted tubing

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