With today’s technology it should be no surprise that advancements have been occurring in Green Industry. Water features are a great source for revenue and technological advances are making them even more appealing to homeowners. 

Have you ever heard of getting “connected” with nature. Well that phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. Atlantic Water Garden has released two new features that have Wi-Fi connection abilities. Atlantic’s Triton Ionizer and pump variable speed control both have their own Wi-Fi connection making your life that much easier and your water feature more interactive.

The Triton

The Triton Ionizer ionizer is designed to mineralize the water helping keep water features clean and clear without the use of harsh chemicals and is safe for fish.  The unit can be controlled manually from the front panel or by the use of the ionizer mobile Application for iPhone or Android devices.

The new “Triton Ionizer” app on the App Store and Google Play allow wireless control of the TRION3 Ionizer from a smartphone or tablet.

  • The Ionizer app allows you to adjust the level of ionization and turn the power on/off
  • Conductivity alert will inform you if your water is not conductive enough for selected ionization level
  • Customize network name and password for secure access
  • Effortlessly switch between multiple Ionizers in Wi-Fi settings to control different water features
  • Available for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets

We live in the world of “now”. Homeowners want to manage their home now and with as little effort as possible. Everything has gone digital; lighting, irrigation, so why not water features? The Triton is just the beginning of it.

Tidalwave Control

In addition to the Triton, Atlantic is offering homeowners more control over their water speed. The variable speed control is even a little more interactive, the desired flow of your waterfall can be adjusted with the touch of a button. Homeowners love customization and control, and now you can give it to them. The VSC can also be programmed to control your feature with its on/off programmable timer. This is a nice little feature that helps save electricity and water by having it turn off when not in use.

Ask your local location about these new releases from Atlantic. We would be happy to help you come up with ways to sell this to homeowners or explain the benefits better! Click here for the original article from Atlantic Water Gardens.

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