Alliance’s newest fixture release is AMAZING!  It’s one of the most cost-effective, programmable, color changing, and tunable white fixtures on the market.  And you get all of those options for a list price of $175 for an integrated LED fixture! 

Topic Details Notes
Fixture ID Assignment Can program ID# to each fixture Can assign same ID# to multiple fixtures and they’ll operate identically based on whatever program is selected.
Unique Names Allowed Can name fixtures with unique names to help keep track as establish fixture groups
ID#’s Available for Use 250
Groups Can group fixtures together Unlimited number of groups available
RGB+ Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange
Color Changing Scenes Red/Green, Purple & Orange, and Red-White-Blue Color changing is speed variable
CCT (Tunable White) 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Dimmable Yes
Secure Network Can share with family/friends Share with app-generated QR code
Phone App – “Alliance bt” iOS compatible Android compatible
Connectivity Bluetooth Mesh Technology
Training Videos Programming videos available online
Warranty Lifetime on the fixture housing 10 years on the electronics

With the touch of a button on your phone app you can change the color of light emitting from any fixture or group of fixtures. It’s fun and it let’s you celebrate holidays, birthdays, sports teams, etc. just by changing the color of the light…and then you can change it back to your standard white light!

Additionally, one of the best uses for 4000K fixtures is moonlighting! The reflected light from the moon is about 4150 Kelvin (a slightly bluish light), so by mounting fixtures on the house eaves or in a large tree nearby, you can decide when you want it to look like moonlight, or if you want to warm it up a bit, just open the app and choose 3000K or 2700K.

So while any good lighting plan can make a yard look beautiful at night, being able to add simple color changing lighting into the space adds some special focal areas and a bit of whimsy. It’s not necessary to have all of the lighting be color changing, so keep that in mind. Color should be used carefully and thoughtfully because a little bit goes a long way. The BL200-bt fixture doesn’t require any special hardware, software or wiring. Everything is built right into the fixture and the phone app. So it’s super simple to plan into a new install or offer to customers with existing lighting systems. As long as they have capacity on their existing system (transformer and wire) you can add the BL200-bt!

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