Atlantic’s Copper Fountain Bowls have a thin laquer coating to prevent unwanted tarnishing but will develop a beautiful natural patina over time. The patina will appear first where water flows over the copper. If desired, any copper cleanser can be used to restore the natural copper luster in applications that do not have fish, plants or wildlife.

  • Copper Fountain Bowls are a stylish and elegant addition to any landscape or hardscape
  • Atlantic Copper Fountain Bowl and Pedestal are crafted out of solid copper
  • Copper Fountain Bowls may be used alone as a decorative accent in fountains or ponds or to start a waterfall
  • Copper Fountain Bowls are designed to form a natural patina over time
  • 30″ diameter bowl features a 4″ spillway for a gentle water flow and calming effect
  • 36″ Copper Fountain Bowl is designed to overflow around its entire perimeter into either a FB4600 Fountain Basin or an Eco-Rise System
  • 30″ Copper Fountain Bowl and Pedestal may be used in combination with 36″ Copper Fountain Bowl on an Eco-Rise System
  • Bowls feature dual 1 1/2″ FIPT inlets and standpipe for lighting and water supply
  • 26″ diameter bowl features four 6″ spillways, dual 1″ FIPT inlets and standpipe for lighting and water supply
  • Pedestal of solid reinforced copper is designed to securely elevate all Copper Fountain Bowls and Copper Spillway Bowls by 8″
  • Spillways are sized at 6″ for maximum water flow and visual effect
  • Dual inlets allow water supply to be plumbed independently from lighting cords. Use the Cord Seal Fitting to pass the light cord into the bowl through the second inlet
  • 26″ Copper Fountain Bowl is designed to sit on a FB4600 Fountain Basin on top of the Pedestal
  • Use 12″ Splash Rings with 26″ Copper Fountain Bowl on FB4600 to control splash

Atlantic’s unique Cord Seal Fitting makes the addition of lighting to any Fountain easy and trouble-free. The specially engineered fitting clamps around the cord before inserting into any 1 1/2″ slip PVC socket. Tightening the fitting expands the rubber gasket against both the cord and the inside of the fitting with a leak-proof seal. The Cord Seal Fitting includes stainless steel screws for durability and longevity.

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