Spring is closer than you think! Soon enough you’ll be lounging in your new patio set next to a fireplace on a cool Sunday night. Image enjoying your newly renovated backyard, the kids are not far off playing in the pool. As you sip on a cold beverage, you’re realizing the big game is on and you rush inside. But wait, you can’t leave the kids without supervision. Do you rush them into the house or listen to the game on the radio? Neither. You experience it in HD in the comfort of your backyard.

Give a homeowner the ability to re-imagine their backyard. Give them an option to add the Séura outdoor TV to complete their backyard renovations.

During the warmer months backyard renovations are typical. Most people install lighting, irrigation systems and give their yard a face lift. Outdoor living spaces are used for entertainment. Wolf Creek Company is now offering Séura, the next step in outdoor entertainment.

See the difference.

Séura outdoor TVs combines a thinner design with the most advanced technology. Séura is an instant outdoor improvement. The Séura Storm has an amazing 2.7 inch depth, making it the thinnest outdoor TV. The upgraded Séura Storm Ultra Bright delivers a clearer picture in a 3.7 inch design.They have Triple Lock Seal weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture for any climate.

This 4k Ultra HD weatherproof design provides three barriers of protection. Séura protects against dust, moisture, ice, and insects that can ruin internal electronics. The thermal control system always keeps components at high performance temperatures.

How to Sell Luxury

This product is an easy up sell to homeowners because of the features and need. There are about three TVs in an average American home. Adding a TV that is durable and convenient will appeal to many consumers. When selling the Séura outdoor models, focus on the revolutionary facts such as width, weatherproofing and image clarity. These are factors consumers consider when purchasing an average TV, giving them a frame of reference.

When selling Séura you also want to paint a picture of a scenario to create a sense of ownership. If the homeowner imagines themselves using the product they are more likely to invest in the upgrade.

Séura outdoor TVs create an incredible experience not just to watch, but to feel. Suggest adding a Séura outdoor TV to a homeowner’s backyard entertainment oasis. The Wolf Creek Company now provides this revolutionary TV for your satisfaction. Click here to read more about this new technology on the Séura webpage. See your local Wolf Creek Company location for more information or to place your order.


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