Irrigation management in golf courses is a long standing struggle. Although with the new advancements in drone technology this problem could get a lot easier. Drones give superintendents the ability to oversee the courses with greater ease. 

Drones can fly over courses measuring low points of moisture, health of the green, provide day-to-day turf comparisons, review renovation progress and take beauty snaps for advertising. Drones may be the next step is aiding course staff in managing turf quality.

Companies such as GreenSight are beginning to pop up as an intelligence platform for agriculture. “We utilize fully automated drones and advanced sensors coupled with machine learning to deliver valuable and actionable intelligence to high end agriculturalists like golf course superintendents, wine growers etc,” explains the company. Click here to read more about their services for courses like you.

In addition to turf management, drones offer courses an entry into elevated marketing. Aerial videography and photos are gaining popularity in the public. There is nothing more enticing for a new customer than to visit your social media and website to experience your course through a higher lenses. Videos that take a customer through the course and along the unique aspects of your greens will make your course even more desired.

The Golf Industry is competitive. Make your course stand above not only online but also through efficient irrigation.

Click here to read about how others are using drones for their courses.


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