You might be hearing about the new EPA WaterSense Home certification. All aspects of water usage inside and outside of a residential property is considered to be certified. Presently, the EPA is seeking input from the industry before finalizing their specifications.

Here is the gist of the EPA program;

  • Type of home:  Single family, multi-family under three stories, multi-family mixed use
  • Must be built by a WaterSense Builder
  • Targeting a 20% reduction in water use for the property
  • Indoor and outdoor water systems must use EPA WaterSense devices
  • The irrigation system must be designed by an Irrigation Association certified professional
  • After installation the irrigation system must be inspected and audited by an Irrigation Association certified professional

It is unknown when the specifications will be completed. This has been in the works for several years. Also, it is unknown how popular the program will be. A ground swell of property owner desire will have to be created. The main selling point is a reduction in water costs, and some increase in property value by having the certification.

To learn more visit the EPA WaterSense website.

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