Advanced Residential Irrigation Control

The ESP-ME3 builds on the station modularity and easy programming of the ESP-Me WiFi ready controller and adds flow sensor compatibility for accessible, reliable system control.

Powerful Accessories

Smart weather adjustments and flow monitoring available through the LNK™ WiFi module and a wired flow sensor.

Simple to Use

Reduced dial positions and a back-lit screen make programming at the controller easy to understand and explain.

Flexible Installation

Indoor or outdoor use and expandable up to 22 stations.


Simplified Dial Programming

  • Large text color-coded dial positions make it easier to understand and explain programming.
  • Easy-grip dirt-safe dial for use when digging and testing replacement irrigation parts.
  • Matched programming to the ESP-TM2 controller for reduced training.

Easy to Read Screen

  • Back-lit for easy reading in dark garages or sheds.
  • Large 3″ size with scrolling words and simple icons for fast recognition.

Built for Professionals

  • Industry-leading 3 Year Trade Warranty.
  • Weather-resistant locking door and factory-installed power plug for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Configurable to 22 stations with additional 3 or 6 station modules for future irrigation needs

Controller Accessories

Flow Monitoring

Compatible with multiple sizes and makes of wired flow sensors for flow monitoring and notifications to save water and protect
against property damage.

LNK WiFi Ready

Irrigation controller mobile access for troubleshooting, custom settings and smart home integrations for voice control.

Weather-Based Programming

Save up to 30% in water savings when the LNK WiFi Module and a rain sensor is used with the ESP-ME3 controller.

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