Fall is here, giving us cool weather and shortened days. But, no worries because more dark hours means more opportunity to install lighting. Lighting is a great addition to any outdoor space. It adds comfort, security, functionality and aesthetics.

nutoneAdding lighting to a home can prove profitable. LED lights are all the rage, but NuTone has taken it a step further. Even though mosquitoes have mostly left due to the increasingly cold weather, home owners should be preparing for the spring. In order to guarantee comfort in an outdoor living space, home owners need the NuTone Haven Mosquito Repellent System.

Light and Protection

NuTone offers two options. The Haven Backyard Light & Mosquito Repellent Fixture combines an LED light with a mosquito repellent. The fixture provides protection within 15 minutes of use and covers a 110 square foot area. The repellent is odorless, silent and invisible.

In addition, the device is also offered without the lighting. The Haven Mosquito Repellent Fixture can be used to repel mosquitoes where lighting is not needed. The fixture can blend into any landscaping design. It offers the same capabilities as the dual light repellent.

The repellent is effective against all types of mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a known carrier of the Zika virus. For safety, the fixture opens with a screw driver to protect children and is also plant friendly.

Easy Operation

The fixtures are easy to operate. The HVDCT Timer/Controller can control both the light and repellent circuits of up to four fixtures. The light and repellent fixtures can be set on independent timers for automatic release and light operation. The system includes a back-up battery, solar sensor, and mounting hardware. The back-up battery saves the program settings during a power outage.

nutoneAlso, the replant is easy to replace. It is replenished as used. One filling will last about 90 days assuming the lighting system is used 2.4 hours per day.

Small But Mighty

Paired with a 3-year warranty, these fixtures provide safety and convenience. The fixture can look like a small landscape path light. Stakes and an optional deck mount are included.  Simply install where convenient and needed to cover the sitting area. Less are needed than one would imagine, even for larger living spaces.

Because fixtures need refilled about every 90 days you will develop continual customers from this product. Developing that relationship with a homeowner will open up other job opportunities for that homeowner, come spring. Finally, their backyard oasis will be more comfortable and safe with the NuTone Haven Backyard Light & Mosquito Repellent Fixture.

Make this simple up-sell for homeowners when you are installing lighting. If added this fall, homeowners will be ready in advance for next year’s pests.

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