You work all day, every day during the season. Year in and year out, work, work, work. So, what happens when you’re done working? By this time you have built an empire out of your business. You need someone to hand the business off to, someone you trust.

Having a right hand man (or woman) is essential to your business’ legacy. If your business has grown big enough, you may even need several people to replace you and keep the business fruitful. The point of a right hand man is to free up your time and focus, as the owner, to do things in the company that you enjoy doing. Whether that is sales, operations, hiring or taking time off here and there, you have more choices with your time. Having someone trusted step in and help you earlier in your career rather than later will ensure that you can step away from the company when desired.Think of how much you could get done if someone took half of your responsibility away. You would have more time to focus on the company rather than struggle to get things done. You may have someone currently on your crew that would be a good fit to train for this position. Regardless, the first step is to develop a job description. Don’t just sit down and vomit a list of responsibilities down. First, write down all the responsibilities you have in each day of the week. You want to visualize your tasks and divide them accordingly. Every little thing counts, from oil changes and getting the mail to bigger projects. Take a few weeks to record what you’ve done so you can write up an accurate job description.

Keep in mind that whoever you hire will need some training and instruction no matter their experience level. You will want to train them your way, not the way they learned from a past job so be thorough in your instructions. The biggest thing is finding someone that matches your company’s vision and your dedication.

Leadership is having faith in the person you are directing. Give them good instructions and they can be guided in the right direction. Prepare yourself now and better your company by hiring help.

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