Whether you are currently a superintendent or are just looking for a golf course job, this list of golf course positions should be of interest to you. It is no secret that courses are struggling financially. Explore some of these positions in your job search or in efforts to expand your course’s resources. Getting creative with your staff can open new doors to your course’s image. 

The following positions are just a few ways you can create more opportunities to strengthen your course and better market it. Click here to view the original list.

Social Media Manager

Some larger courses have a full staff that includes a social media manager. While the position requires that you post course news regularly on high-profile social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, it also requires a creative mind to come up with new angles and ideas to help market the facility. One way to get your foot in the door is to be extremely active on social media on your own, and begin to network with people in the industry. Over time, they will recognize your name and will think of you when positions open in their company.

In addition to courses, different golf publications will also have social media accounts to promote their latest articles and videos. If you love to keep up with what’s going on in the golf world, a media job like this would suit you well.

Accounting Manager

A golf course today lives and breathes on revenue from players and members. The accounting manager is responsible for providing financial oversight on all revenue, sales and expenses. The course relies on your ability to prepare the annual budget, forecast upcoming sales and provide reporting to club management. You will be responsible for internal audits and creating financial controls to make sure your club is operating within the standards set by the parent company.

Banquet Sales Manager

Not all of the revenue of a modern golf course is made on the course itself. As a banquet sales manager, you’ll be an integral part of the club management team. Your job will be to optimize event and catering revenues by marketing and managing business meetings, weddings, banquets, social events, golf events and other activities at the course.

You will work under the accounting manager or club manager, developing catering budgets and plans to meet preset goals. You’ll meet with members of the public and interview them about their needs for a prospective event, and follow up to close sales. You’ll also be responsible for training staff, and ensuring a positive outcome for each client that chooses your facility for their special occasion.

Membership Sales Manager

Golf clubs with memberships rely on a talented membership sales manager to replenish the membership rolls when they move or do not renew. As a membership sales manager, your job will involve selling memberships and sponsorship sales. You will track the marketing and sales of prospective members through the clubs Customer Relation Management system (CRM). You’ll be responsible for developing marketing plans, tours and other events to attract new members; update the club website to include special deals; schedule and train your support staff; and work with other members of the management team.

Yes, it is expensive to hire on additional staff. However, hiring on more specialized staff just as the positions above can give your employees and you more time to bring in new business and make operations run smoother. Click here to read more about new golf course positions that could get your course generating more business.

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