Improving our living environment and helping people realize their potential is our reason to be in business. It’s what gives us a sense of satisfaction and why we do what we do.

We believe Free Enterprise

Free enterprise has raised more people out of poverty than all other economic systems. We are honored to live in a nation practicing Free Enterprise and to lead an organization that can positively touch so many lives.

We Believe In the Green Industry

Providing great value to our neighborhoods, towns, and nation. As an industry, we contribute billions each year into our nation’s economy. We support an industry offering worthy potential for people to reach their dreams. This is an industry full of good people and we are grateful to be part of it.

Improving Quality of Life

By improving our living environment people gain more enjoyment, relaxation, health benefits, and beauty where they live, work, and play. Our efforts help elevate our nation’s standard of living. It is proven outdoor living spaces are so very important to us. People feel better, are happier, and healthier because of our work.

In the process, we can assist a lot of people in earning a good living and building their dreams. We cannot think of a better reason to be in business.

Family Business

Since it’s beginning in 1961, Wolf Creek has been a family-owned business. Wolf Creek Co is now under the leadership of the second generation Knowles family. Our industry is predominately family businesses struggling with many of the same issues we do. The bottom line is that we understand you.

We’re family-run with a family focus. Those who work with us are way more than “employees.” Nobody wants to be an employee, they want to belong, gain financially and more importantly, make a difference. The Wolf Pack exists to help our members with their goals and dreams for their families. That extends to our relationships with customers as well. We care that you do well and are excited as you do.

We Care About You

While we’re not a national chain, covering four states through 8 branches makes us large enough to offer what you need. Yet small enough to care and respond quickly. We never want to lose that.

Always striving to be easy to work with. We believe a good business relationship is productive, enjoyable, and even fun. We care that you reach further and do better for your sake and your family’s. For that, we work hard to make sure your business with us is handled quickly, efficiently, correctly, and reliably. Our goal is to earn your trust and never violate it.

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