In many cases, a homeowner’s backyard is their safe space. It is a place to have activities with your family or sit on your patio and relax. So, it makes since that gardens are usually in backyards. Homeowners take pride in their gardens. They can work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor. A garden can be reinvented each year with new food to grow or a new garden structure.

At the end of the day, a garden is what you can enjoy and say you worked for it. As a professional, there is business opportunity in gardens. Some homeowner’s will require an irrigation system or construction, depending on the garden. Here are some of the gardening trends from 2016.

Creating the Experience

Gardens are a place of sentimental value. Many people helped their parents in the garden growing up. This fact is reflected in their gardening techniques and interests. In 2016, homeowners re-lived childhood memories through their garden. For instance, if there was a swing or a chime in their family member’s garden, a homeowner was more likely to recreate that this year.

Fewer annuals and more natives, evergreens, conifers and ornamental grasses that offer multi-season interest were incorporated in the landscape. The use of layered landscapes was also popular. Although it’s common to plant across the ground, vertical designs and bolder colored plants proved popular.

People are overworked and always worn out these days. Which is why gardens were created to develop a “zen-like” experience. The goal of many gardens was to bring a sense of ease and peace. Additions such as music, lights were used to create that tranquil environment. Elements such as statues, water fountains and planters were incorporated for texture. Homeowners are realizing they don’t have to leave home to kick back and relax. They can mold their backyard into a joyful and peaceful existence in just a few simple steps.

Life Changing

The health trend is still in. Many people are making changes in their lives and around their homes to live a healthier lifestyle. They’re also realizing that connecting with nature is one of those ways to improve health and reduce stress. Homeowners are exploring, educating and entertaining themselves with creative new ideas for their garden. Homeowners are using gardening as a release from life. Just as exercising does this for many people.

Because food from a garden is natural and healthy, growing your own food and engaging with nature hands-on is an excellent way to rejuvenate and improve health. Advancements in technology are  making gardening easier to accomplish.

Gardens are admired for their beauty and functionality. Gardeners are now planting practical reasons in addition to the aesthetic appeal. There has been an increase in the growth of hops and wine because of the fad of making home beer and wine. The healing properties of plants are also gaining appreciation. The shift towards natural and more organic living has helped the gardening business. People are planting with the purpose to create their own goods and live more sustainability.

The Little Garden Details

Many people have pets. So, it is appropriate that homeowners are scaping their yards for their pets. Pet owners are deliberately planting gardens that are healthy and welcoming to their animals. People are being mindful to incorporate plants that are neither harmful nor poisonous to dogs.

Another trend is water conservation. Homeowners are building gardens and landscapes with plants that take little water. It’s a smart solution for sustainable living, given the fact that water is now considered an expensive and limited resource.


2016 showed us that gardens are no longer an afterthought for homeowners. Many are taking up gardening as a hobby and viewing their backyards as a gateway to better health for themselves, their families and their pets. Contractors will likely have opportunities helping home owners by selling them irrigation, water features, lighting, and more as these treads likely continue into the spring 2017.

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