The “Internet of things” is a trending topic that is a huge part of everyone’s lives. In spite of this, we don’t really see its integration as it’s happening so smoothly. The Internet of things is the connection of the Internet to our devices.

Originally the internet simply connected people. We would log in and send emails, join chat rooms, etc. We plugged in mainly through one device; our computers. By 2008, the world had changed so much that there were more devices online that they outnumbered the amount of people using the internet.

Companies like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool have been make refrigerators that are connected to the internet for over a decade. Today we wear devices strapped to our wrists that are plugged into the World Wide Web. People now own multiple devices that are online. These devices meet consumer needs and wants that make our lives simpler.The Internet of things is not just the Apple Watch that lets one keep their phone in their pocket.

Meeting the Needs of the Industry

It’s now 2018, smart homes are here and people want smart landscapes as well. The Internet of things is also the irrigation controller home owners use to monitor their sprinklers system. They can water their lawns while eating breakfast or on their way to work via an app. The Green Industry is growing into this trend (no pun intended) and it’s good for both busy homeowners and landscaping contractors.

New products mean up-sales for landscapers, and replacement systems as homeowners and businesses improve their properties.

Imagine a sprinkler system that checks the weather forecast to determine the timing and amount of water to use. Is there rain in the forecast? No point in wasting water. And, a quick message to the property manager or home owner would allow for verification or human override.

Imagine water filtration systems in ponds on golf courses that measure the contents of the water, texting or emailing superintendents results. Mangers could see that the water is safe for reuse in irrigation. Or, if it’s not, what alterations to the water should be made as not to kill grass or harm soil.

These aren’t things of the future. Companies like Rain Bird, Kichler, WAC, Alliance, and more are already putting the power and control of their products into the hands of contractors and their customers via cell phones, tablets, and smart home devises like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homepod. This isn’t you getting into IT, it’s plug-and-play your homeowners want.

Not Just for Homeowners

The Internet of things also means better tracking of equipment and employees for business owners. Imagine mowers and other equipment that could be tracked by GPS coordinates. GPS trackers are out there. Equipment usage would be seen in real time. At some point, they will be built in and enhanced. Business owners would know what work is complete where and exactly how many hours their machines have been used.

We live in a world with ever growing possibilities where technology has become a way of life. It is important to stay up-to-date on trends to bring the new tech of the future to clients.

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