Contractors will be turning irrigation systems back on here soon. Here are some quick tips about effectively using their irrigation system. 

  1. Implement a schedule that is set on a timer to make the most out of the irrigation.
  2. We always recommend early morning irrigation, evening watering allows the grass to stay moist throughout the night causing diseases.
  3. Add a Rain Sensor so you only water when it’s needed; if it just rained, you obviously don’t need to water.
  4. Water the root zone not the leaves; deep water makes the roots grow deeper.
  5. Cover bare soil with mulch (make sure the soil is well-watered first) to reduce water loss; mulching suppresses weeds that would otherwise compete for water.
  6. Keep mulch away from tree trunks and plant stems to allow air movement and reduce the chance of rot.
  7. Soil type dictates the amount of water you should apply and how frequently – if they have heavy soil, prone to water-logging for example, then water more often for a shorter time.
  8. Aerate customer’s lawns and around trees once a year to improve water penetration.
  9. Improve soil’s water retention by adding compost and other organic material.
  10. Plant shade trees for natural air conditioning.

Homeowners can be over whelmed with irrigation systems. Lay out some simple tips that will keep their water bill down and their yards looking great. They may try to adjust the irrigation schedule on their own as well. Educating them will save you from having to come out and fix what they messed up later on.


  1. We are finally putting in a sprinkler system this summer! We have been watering our lawn with a hose attachment, and it is kind of a pain. We have all sorts of yellow spots. I’m excited to have a system set up, so we don’t have to worry about it anymore! I also like what you said about making sure that in the flowerbeds, the water should to go the roots, not the leaves.

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