King Innovation offers an easier way to create a down lighting effect! The King Innovation tree mount allows you to mount most landscape lighting fixture brands to trees for a downlight effect.

Landscape lighting fixture attach to a 1/2” NPT threaded female fitting and the internal 5/16” hex head allows for fast installation with drill and nut driver bit. The mount is 100% stainless steel with black powder coat finish. The 3.5” stand-off bolt accommodates for many years of tree growth, preventing you from having to make yearly adjustments for your customer.

For many homeowners, tree damage is a concern, the mount is an eco-friendly design and will not damage trees. King Innovation claims the mount will last as long as the LED light you are installing and requires no yearly maintenance. The mono (single point) installation makes the TreeLight less likely to infect a tree and the pass through slot accommodates prewired fixtures.


1. Using a 5/16” hex drive socket, drive TreeLight Mount into tree until threaded/uncoated area is no longer visible.
2. Thread preferred landscape light fixture to tree mount.
3. Affix cord to tree using desired method.

Click here to read more. Contact your local Wolf Creek Company representative for more information.

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