New products hit the street that upon first glance you don’t think too much about.  But sometimes, when you give one a chance, you learn that item is a hit!

So it is with King Innovation’s TreeLight Mount.

Mounting light fixtures in trees, or even into wood siding or posts, required a junction box or surface mount of some kind.  Never fun to install when balancing at the top of a 30’ ladder!  Dropping screws, juggling your tools, you know the drill.

Try the TreeLight Mount!  Quickly screws in with a power drill or just a screwdriver through the side hole.  (Screw driver worked fine for me and is easier to carry up and down ladders).

Concerns were expressed about damage to a tree.  I shared those concerns until I used it.

  • Damage to the tree is minimized because there is only one puncture through the cambium.
  • The material is non-poisonous.
  • The length of the shank allows for many years of growth before tree girth becomes an issue.

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