Lake or pond water quality is almost always a concern. Ugly algae blooms, bad orders, and cloudy water indicate a lake health issue that will get worse with time. Treatment with chemicals is expensive, environmentally unfriendly, and temporary.

If a lake is used to supply irrigation water, now we have an irrigation system issue.  Damage to pumps and plugged irrigation equipment can be a costly and time consuming hassle.

Simple mechanical products are available to assist the natural processes contributing to good lake management.

Lake Management is All About Oxygen

The answer for most lake water quality issues is oxygen. Decomposition of organic mater depletes lake water of its oxygen supply. The addition of nutrients into the water encourages algae, which greatly adds to the organic matter that must be decomposed. Lakes in such condition are in a death spiral that only oxygen can stop. Aeration is the natural answer, at least more so than chemicals.

Mechanical Aeration Solution

Air Flow lake aerationFloating or submerged aeration devices cause circulation; some directly add air flow into the water.

Circulation helps mix the layers of water in a pond to distribute oxygen. It also forces water to the surface to pick up oxygen. If the unit injects air into the water, such as a fountain or air injection, oxygen transfer is increased.

Many call floating aeration devices “fountains”. While an aeration device can have a fountain display, it is important to focus on the aeration ability of the device.

Depth is Important

Deeper lakes allow natural processes to manage water quality. Shallow lakes are difficult to maintain, even with aeration. For deeper lakes (more than 15’) focus on airflow type injection systems. Shallower lakes will use submerged or floating mixers/fountains.  If you can specify a lake’s depth, go deeper than 15’!

Decorative Displays (Fountains)

Hi Volume lake aerationMany like the aesthetic display of a fountain. Just remember, the larger the display the less horsepower is directed to circulation and air injection. This is what provides the best lake management. A floating aeration unit can be duel purposed to aide in water quality and provide a decorative fountain.

Kasco Lake Aerators

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