Today’s landscape provides an extension outdoors of our indoor living/working space. A good landscape lighting system allows our outdoor space to be utilized after dark. Known to have the best stock and most knowledgeable team, we are ready to help industry professionals satisfy their client’s demands. Most use outdoor lighting to extend enjoyment of their landscape into the night. However, it can also provide additional safety and security to the property. Growing customer requests has provided many landscapers a valuable income source. Lighting installs very nicely during a landscape or irrigation installation.

The LED Landscape Lighting Revolution

LED lighting is based on an electronic light source, not a filament light bulb. As of now more than 78% of the product we supply is LED. Incandescent bulb fixtures are dropping off fast. Why? LED lights provide valuable benefits for contractors and users. It’s a no-brainer.

LED Benefits

Landscape Lighting

  • Saves Money– LED uses only about a third of the electrical power.
  • Saves Money– LED lamps will last many years saving cost for time and bulb replacements. (10-20 years commonly stated by manufacturers)
  • Artistic Ability– Designers and contractors can choose many color and temperature variants to best highlight a landscape or living area.
  • No Bugs– LED light does not include the UV light spectrum, which attracts night insects.
  • Renovation Ability– Many older incandescent fixtures can use LED insert lamps. Reduces the cost to renovate older landscape lighting systems to LED.
  • Reduced Hassle– Gone are days of pesky bulb replacements and a huge reduction of finicky electrical issues.

To fully realize the benefits of LED landscape lighting, it is important to install good product. An explosion of outdoor LED product has hit the streets. Some of it is very low priced. Remember the old maxim; you always get what you pay for.

Outdoor Lighting Technology

Besides LED lights, outdoor lighting now benefits from many transformer/controller advancements. Explore the capabilities of Blue-Tooth, internet, and home automation options.

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