Landscaping Online Training – Reduced Cost

Did you know Wolf Creek has an online training portal? To complement our Wolf Creek Company University Winter Classes, we also offer on-demand learning. If you sign up NOW, the cost is reduced to $35.    Click HERE to register.

Benefits of Landscaping Online Training

Choose from many subjects – Over 15 different industry categories are offered, including crew leadership, coordinating a profitable job site, irrigation design, troubleshooting and much more.

Saves You Money and Time – rather than having to teach or send your crew members to classes, they and you can learn online for one low price.

Learn at your pace–  Online training classes are broken into short modules.  You can start and stop a module at your leisure.  You can listen to a section again if you want to.

Learn in small chunks–  Large topics are broken into several modules.  You can spend as much time on a module as you want then move onto the next.  Work on the classes at your own pace.

Learn only what you want to–  No need to cover what you already know.  Pick what interests you.   Your learning experience is totally in your control.

Learn 24/7–   Even just a few minutes in the evenings can help you learn valuable information.  24/7 access also allows new hires’ ability to learn in the off-hours.

Continuing Education Credits (CEU) – You will receive a certificate of completion when you pass a short test.  Classes count towards most CEU programs.

Want more hands-on education? Check out ONLA’s Coffee & Credit, scheduled for January 2020.

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