Just looking at those products our company supplies. Why not? Many other services are offered by landscape contractors.

Services Currently Offered

Percentage of the respondents offer these services

  • Irrigation Maintenance 60%
  • Irrigation Installation 56%
  • Drainage 51%
  • Lighting 50%
  • Water Features 37%

Services Considering Adding

Percentage of respondents considering adding new services.

  • Lighting 27%
  • Irrigation Maintenance 23%
  • Irrigation Installation 19%
  • Drainage 17%
  • Water Features 14%

Services Considering Dropping

Percentage of respondents thinking about dropping services.

  • Water Features 14%
  • Drainage 6%
  • Irrigation maintenance 5%
  • Irrigation installation 4%
  • Lighting 4%


Sum of currently offered, considering adding, and considering dropping adds up at the end of 2019 to be:

  • Irrigation Maintenance 78%
  • Irrigation Installation 71%
  • Drainage 62%
  • Lighting 73%
  • Water Features 37%

Given all the replies are accurate. Along with all the other services the message is clear, contractors are actively adding services to their menu. Reversing the trend of sub-contracting out work to other contractors. And the mechanical services (our favorite) are growing. Irrigation and lighting especially. Lighting is the service contractors expect the biggest growth.

-Scott Knowles, President

Article based on information from the January Irrigation & Green Industry magazine survey.

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