You have an irrigation task to accomplish.  We use our expertise to figure out what is necessary to get it done.

Your simple expectation is for a golf irrigation system to reliably do its job.  Why then do so many struggle with systems that do not?

Tight Cash

The golf economy is difficult right now. Of course, that affects the ability for a golf course to upgrade costly systems. However, the irrigation system directly effects the quality of the base product (the golf course). This then effects the course’s ability to draw and keep golfers.

Like the roof on the clubhouse, the irrigation is necessary to be in business. No one likes spending money on their roof and especially on their irrigation system.  A point comes when wasted labor and poor course conditions begin to exert a serious drain for the course to remain valid in a competitive environment.

Accepting Sub-Par

In other cases, superintendents are unaware that having 20, 30, 50 rotors die each year,  fixing 3, 5, or more pipe leaks, and living with hand watering dry spots is not acceptable!  A good irrigation system reduces labor requirements and helps the superintendent maintain a beautiful course.

We view our job as helping you select and implement the right irrigation technology and practices to minimize irrigation labor, maximize water savings, and have a course with the aesthetics and play quality you desire.

We’re not interested in just selling you stuff, we want to make your golf irrigation system work for you.

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