Although sad to see him leave, Wolf Creek is excited for what Steve has lying ahead.
During his time here at Wolf Creek, Steve has enjoyed building relationships with his customers and team members. In retirement he will be spending many of his days at the lake and hopes to explore more of the “good ‘ole USA”. Aside from his aspirations to travel, Steve is most looking forward to spending more time with his family.
Steve summarizes his time with the company in this simple, yet powerful way, “I not only found a NEW career, but a NEW extended family. It has been wonderful.”
Steve, we wish you the best and it has truly been a pleasure to have you as a part of the WOLF PACK!


“It’s incredible to see how far Steve has come. He jumped into this industry 9+ years ago and not just filled a position, but excelled. Steve has become a valued asset to this company; time and time again he takes the burden off of the customer and goes out of his way to make their life easier. It will be difficult to find someone to fill his shoes in the work place and as a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Best of Luck Steve!” -Joe Twardzik 
“Steve came in as a driver. I remember how it was nice change to have a driver that would see what had to be done and do it. He moved into the assistant manager position in late 2012. He’s always been great at solving mysteries and problems that required a lot of backtracking. Many times after I would thank him for taking care of a problem he would use his favorite line “I’m not just a pretty face,” always cracked me up. Along with many of his talents, his sense of humor will be greatly missed.” -Gorgon Loggins
“Always polite. A gentlemen. Would seek knowledge to satisfy a customer. The kind of guy you want on your side. Definitely the guy to rely on. A peach of a man.” – Scott Knowles
“Steve is a really class act guy that has always supporting me on the Wolf pack track! He will be missed not only by us but also our contractors. Just always remember that if you throw him the football it will hit him in the face and if you have a cat problem he can help solve it!”- Jon Albrecht 

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