“DON’T GET STUCK IN A RUT! Digging is hard. Shovels don’t make it easier. Don’t hurt your back. You deserve better.”

That’s MiniTrencher’s selling points for their GeoRipper, and they’re right! You can see their video for the product here. We wanted to see just how easy it actually made hole digging, so we timed it, and it’s fast. Crazy fast.


There are three versions of the GeoRipper.

GeoRipper TwoStroke FourStroke TwoStroke HD
Innovation Statified Air Scavanging (SAS) recovers 75% of unburned fuel and reduces fuel consumption by 20% Pressure compensated carburetor with vented choke plate reduces flooding. SLR muffler recycles un-burned fuel vapor up to 15% improved fuel consumption.
Reliability Start capacitor with start support function resulting in less pull start force. Fuel primer bulb for easier cold starts. Start capacitor with start support function resulting in less pull start force.
Design Vibration isolation allows for less fatigue and longer use. No mixing gas! On-Off-Choke operation on a single lever for operator convenience.
Performance Cyclonic air intake delivers more air, more efficiently and increases air filter life. 5-Stage filtration system for better engine durability. Five stage filtration system with advanced directional air flow, for better engine performance.
Engine Make: Makita EK6101 Makita EK7651H Makita EK8100
Displacement: 61cc 75.6cc 81cc
Max Power: 4.4HP 4.1HP 5.6HP
Fuel Capacity: 23.6oz 37oz 37oz
Power Type: Two-stroke gas Four-stroke gas Two-stroke gas
Fuel Mix: 40:1 Unleaded Gas only 40:1
Dry Weight (Engine Only): 19.6lbs 28.3lbs 23.3lbs

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