Did you know we carrry NDS Grass Pavers? They are becoming more common on commercial and municipal projects as a way to keep stormwater on site. Grass and gravel pavers are a great way to expand your offering with a product that’s friendly to your bottom line. On residential projects grass pavers are perfect for maintaining a lush lawn in high traffic areas.

NDS EZ Roll Grass Pavers are a sustainable alternative to traditional paving methods. By protecting the root zone and preventing soil compaction, the pavers allow healthy grass to thrive in areas that would traditionally have impervious hardscaping installed. Flexible plastic paver mats are pre-assembled into rolls for easy installation on the job site. There are a variety of applications for the NDS EZRoll: Golf cart paths, service roads, jogging tracks, bike paths, residential driveways, parking lots, overflow parking lots, roadways shoulders, emergency vehicle access roads, truck maintenance and equipment yards, and construction entrance soil stabilization. In addition to these load applications, they are also an effective solution for erosion control on slopes and in swales. NDS EZRoll grass pavers are less expensive to maintain over time than traditional hardscaping and are more aesthetically pleasing. Click here to read more from NDS.

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