Wolf Creek partners with NDS to offer quality drainage products to our customers. A few of their drainage products that can help you with your next job are the following.

NDS EzFlo French Drain

NDS French DrainAn improvement over traditional slotted French drain tubing.  A geotextile mesh encloses a packing of geosynthetic aggregate to form a self contained French Drain. No gravel is needed!

Installation time is reduced by up to 75% and it has a 30% higher flow rate. EZ-Flo will also last as much as twice as long compared to traditional gravel packed French drains.  Reduced flow due to silting is the killer of all sub-surface drainage, EZ-Flo will fight silting much longer.

NDS Pop-Up Emitters 

Catch water at the downspouts, run tubing to a suitable area, install a pop-up emitter.  In use the emitter rises to allow water to exit the tubing.  When not in use, the emitter pops down so it can be mowed over and does not impede foot traffic.

These emitters need to be kept free of rocks that could keep the tops up. Open emitters can clog the pipes, causing overflow in other key drainage areas. But, they are an exultant way to keep overflow off the property.

NDS Flo-Well

NDS Flo-Well is a modernized dry well manufactured to for ease of install creating a sustainable solution for storm water runoff. A collection chamber to temporarily collect and hold drainage water and allow leaching.  An easy and more effective alternative to traditional dry wells.

It can be used independently or as part of a larger storm water management system. You can even install a sump pump in it!  Flo-Wells can be connected in series or stacked to accommodate higher volumes of water than a traditional gravel well. It not only holds more water, the Flo-Well will last longer than graveled pits.

NDS Channel Kits

Hardscapes are notorious for runoff due to the lack of water absorption. NDS Channel Drain systems are an effective perimeter drain solution. Each kit includes almost all parts that would ever be necessary.  Greatly simplifies a channel drain installation.

As we’ve seen, modern techniques are enhancements of time-tested, proven methods. Give your clients the best product on the market. The Pro series channel drains come in a variety of sizes to meet all of their drainage needs.

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