Enjoying an outdoor living area can be marred by flying insects.  Mosquitos can drive guests nuts.  All outdoor living areas have low voltage lighting systems.  So why not have a “fixture” that emits mosquito repellent? 

Nutone is providing a simple and affordable answer.  The Haven Mosquito Repellent Fixture attaches to the 12 volt wire powering the lighting system to electronically discharge mosquito repellent.  Several can be added to cover a large area.

Haven Mosquito Repellent Fixture
Haven Mosquito Repellent Fixture

Each fixture will cover a 110 square foot area.  The repellent is replenished as used.  One filling will last about 90 days assuming the lighting system is used 2.4 hours per day.  Optional timers can be installed to only allow the Nutune fixture to operate during certain hours.

The Haven repellent starts working about 15 minutes after being turned.  No odor, no noise, no batteries, no flames, no spraying, and darn near invisible.  Turn on the landscape lights and enjoy.

The fixture looks like a small landscape lighting path light.  Stake is included.  Simply install where handy to cover the sitting area.  Several can be installed for large living spaces.

If a stake mounted installation does not work, there is an optional deck mount.

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