Doing the same thing that has always worked is sometimes a good strategy in business. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? However, this doesn’t apply to old and declining industries. A lot of tradition, etiquette, and rules apply to the game of golf. Courses and the industry as a whole have built a stigma around the game that is less attractive to young people. As the players and industry age, clubs have seen a decline in business.

The Golf industry has the potential for growth, according to an article about Topgolf. Topgolf is drawing attention to the industry and could act as a segue into the real sport. Their attendance indicates that 37¬†percent of their customers are “non-golfers”. If you are unfamiliar with Topgolf they describe themselves as “the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout.” Watch the video below.

Although a little different than the traditional game of golf, this company is attracting people to the golf industry. There are rules and a certain etiquette to golf not followed in Topgolf. It will be interesting to see how and if this game will mold the future atmosphere of traditional courses. According to Topgolf’s statistics, players ages 18-34 make up 53 percent of Topgolf’s customers.

Take a look at a breakdown of the Topgolf experience below.


  • Non-golfers: 37 percent

This shows that Topgolf is more inviting and is introducing more people to the Golf Industry.

  • Golfers who have played 1-7 rounds in the last year: 28 percent.
  • Golfers who have played 8-24 rounds in the last year: 21 percent.
  • Golfers who have played 25 or more rounds in the last year: 14 percent.


  • 17 and under: 14 percent
  • 18-34: 53 percent

This has been a declining age group for the golf industry. Topgolf could be the gate way to getting more young people onto the course.

  • 35-44: 16 percent.
  • 45-64: 15 percent.
  • 65 and over: 2 percent

This is among the most popular age group for traditional golf courses. Finding a way to merge the course with 2017 values may be a gate way to diversifying golf courses.


  • Male: 68 percent
  • Female: 32 percent

This number is high compared to courses.


The Golf Industry has the potential to see a large growth. Although the traditional rules and values of the course are very important, many courses in the coming years may choose to change their demographic target to younger generations in hopes of increasing attendance. Topgolf is beginning to show the potential for women and youth involvement in the industry.

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