Here at Wolf Creek Company we want to offer contractors the best quality products we can. We stay up-to-date on the latest Green Industry innovations and inventions. The IrriGreen® Genius system offers contractors and homeowners a new type of irrigation control.

How it Works

The IrriGreen® Genius irrigation system is a revolution for sprinklers. As seen above, the digital sprinkler head shapes the water flow to the shape of the zone. The zones can be mapped using the easy to use mobile app.

The Benefit for You

So you’ve been doing irrigation the same way for years now, why change it up? Irrigreen isn’t quite a replacement for traditional sprinkler heads, however it is great for those trouble spots. No yard is a perfect or ideal place to put in irrigation. You’re always going to be avoiding the tree branches, sidewalk, hardscape, house and in most cases, the flower beds. So Irrigreen is the solution to those delicate or avoiding spots. Only one head is needed per zone, reducing the number of heads and pipes needed by 70%. In addition, there is up to 85% less petroleum based underground pipe needed to install an IrriGreen® system, making it more environmentally friendly.

So what does this mean? It means less labor, IrriGreen® claims that the Genius system cuts man hours by 50-70%. IrriGreen® Genius eliminates most of the work of normal irrigation installation. Installation is as follows: pull a mainline, connect one head per zone to the mainline, and wire the heads.

This system is also compatible in creating a high efficiency hybrid system. The IrriGreen® Genius system will control any type of irrigation zone. To control another system, connect them to the IrriGreen® control/server and select the zone type with the IrriGreen® Genius app. The watering schedule can also be controlled with the app. You have all the control at the palm of your hand.

The Benefit for Your Customer

Because this system only waters the proper areas in each zone, less heads are needed and less water is being wasted.

As displayed in the diagram below, there is no overspray with the IrriGreen® Genius because a single digital head waters to any exact zone shape. Multi-volume streams deliver uniform precipitation throughout the zone, saving up to 50% more water than conventional sprinklers.


IrriGreen® Genius
IrriGreen Genius


Conventional Sprinklers
Conventional Sprinklers







Admit it, this system is just cool! Once customers see an IrriGreen system they “get it” and they want it. Let your competition sell and install ordinary sprinklers.

Water shortages are in the news and everyone wants to save water. Your customer will appreciate the benefits of:

  • IrriGreen uses up to 50% less water while delivering 100% watering coverage.
  • One 10,000 sq ft. lawn saves 95,000 gallons every year using IrriGreen
  • Homeowners track actual water usage with our mobile app

We tried It!

So, this sprinkler sounds cool on paper, but does it work? Well, we tried it. The IrriGreen® Genius accurately shapes a zone set through the app. This technology is based off the same precision used in printers applying ink to a page. Installation time is normally about one-half to one-third that of a conventional irrigation system, according to IrriGreen. Genius is a more precise watering system that can save you money. All these facts add up to a great new product for the Green Industry that helps the home owner and the contractor!

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