The first day of winter may not be until the 21st of December, but frost is already a common sight during the night and morning hours. Before you know it, ponds will be freezing over. Most will choose to shut down their ponds and water features during the winter months, however water with fish in it will require a little extra attention. To avoid dead aquatic life come spring, consider offering your customers a pond de-icer from Aquascape or Atlantic Water Gardens.

Atlantic De-Icer

Pond De-IcerAccording to Atlantic Water Gardens: Pond de-icers maintain a hole in ice to allow the exchange of oxygen and other gases in wintery conditions. The Pond De-Icer allows oxygen to diffuse into pond water otherwise sealed off by ice, while toxic carbon dixode and methane from decomposing organics diffuse out. Atlantic’s Pond De-Icer is constructed of high strength and high temperature PPS polymer for incredible durabilty under the most adverse conditions. Internal thermostat turns heater on just above freezing and off as water warms for fully automatic operation. Indicator light shines blue to show the De-icer is in standby mode when plugged in with water temperature above freezing. Indicator light shines green to show water temperature is below freezing and De-icer is in operation. Efficient heating element only draws 300 watts when needed to keep operating costs low.

Aquascape De-Icer

According to Aquascape: Aquascape stainless steel Pond De-Icer is ideal for keeping a small hole opening the ice during cold winter months, and insures proper gas

exchange helping keep fish alive during the winter. It is important to leave a small hole open at the surface of the pond allowing for necessary gas exchange. In extreme conditions or gardening zones above USDA zone 5 we recommend the deicer be used in conjunction with an Aquascape pond aerator. The De-Icer:

  • Keeps a small hole in the ice during winter months
  • Helps increase pond oxygen levels
  • Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking
  • Integrated thermostat saves electricity
  • Built-in LED light indicates when heater is in use

For questions or to learn more about winter pond options, contact your local Wolf Creek location.

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