Every detail is thought through and analyzed in a landscaping project. What tree goes where, what hole get dug there, and when to install systems here. But are you overlooking something? Color and lighting influence our psychological functioning on a daily basis. Color knowledge is not a new thing, but the impact of light is.

The Meaning of Color

Colors can represent more than what they cover. Depending on personal preference andcolor_wheel_730 cultural background, color can be representative in different ways. Colors are used to symbolize and express moods. For example, an apple is red, yet the color red commonly represents anger.

As in an art class, colors are split between warm and cool categories. The warm colors include red, orange, and yellow. Warm colors generally convey passion, positive energy, enthusiasm and happiness. In contrast, the cool colors include green, blue and purple. Cold colors convey a sense of relaxation, reservation, intrigue and professionalism.

Given that color impacts our mental state and emotion, it is important to infuse these ideas into design. Incorporating colored LED lights can shape a feeling into an environment. Click here to read more about LED color.

The Study

Many studies have been conducted about the psychology of color. Although still somewhat inconclusive, experiments have shown successful results.

In San Bernardino County, California children who become violent under detention at the probation department are put in a bubble gum pink cell. Results have shown the children tend to stop yelling and banging, relax, and often fall asleep within 10 minutes. Guards at the detention center just three years previous were using brute force and had to sit on children to keep them in control. Although psychologists are skeptical of the effectiveness of this practice, an estimated 1,500 hospitals and correctional institutions across America have painted at least one room pink.

There are signs of this debated practice in many places around the world. In England, in attempt to reduce the number of people who commit suicide, London’s Blackfriars bridge was repainted blue to reduce jumping.

In addition, leaders in photobiology, shower coal miners with ultraviolet in hope to prevent black lung disease, and supplements the fluorescent lights of schoolrooms with ultraviolet lamps in the Soviet Union.

The United States uses white fluorescent light, in addition to photosensitizing drugs, to help heal herpes sores. Experiments are being made to test the use of passive pink to stop graffiti. In attempts to throw their opponents off, football coaches have begun to try pink in the visitor’s locker room.

blue_streetlightAlso, in Yokohama, Japan the Keihin Electric Express Railway Co. changed the color of eight lights on the ends of platforms to blue to prevent suicide jumps. A few attempts occurred each year, but since the implementation of the lights there have been none.

Blue lights are also being used in Glasgow, Scotland, as street lighting to decrease the number of crimes. Areas illuminated in blue had a noticeable reduction in crime.

Why This Matters

Everyone has their own opinion about the influences of colored light. Presenting the homeowner with this lighting option can improve your skills and reputation. Because, knowledge is power! Although science has not been able to justify human reaction to certain colors of lights, the evidence of influence is clear. Adding colored light  to a space can create a deeper impacting atmosphere. To read the full story about how blue light may reduce suicide click here. For more information about other experiments click here.

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