As the only manufacturer committed exclusively to irrigation, Rain Bird designs fully-integrated end-to-end solutions to address the challenges of maintaining healthy grass and top playability on the golf course. Total integration of each component provides a full system that is easier to manage and runs more efficiently than mix-and-match systems, with exclusive benefits you only get with Rain Bird.

Timeless Compatibility™

Rain Bird golf irrigation product is engineered with timeless compatibility in mind, allowing you to have a state-of-the-art irrigation system that can be updated or changed without your existing equipment becoming obsolete. Your Rain Bird Central Control will work with any existing products you’ve already installed and into future technologies. The latest Rain Bird golf rotors and parts are compatible with every EAGLE® rotor manufactured since 1992.

Real-Time Response

Only Rain Bird systems offer continuous two-way communication. It allows you to continuously and automatically optimize the performance of your system, from greater pump efficiency to shorter water windows and minimum water usage. By receiving data and making instant adjustments, your course is protected if a major issue ever occurs.

Unmatched Quality

Throughout engineering, design and testing, Rain Bird’s mission is to deliver industry-leading quality to our customers. Our stringent testing procedures are implemented at the first launch of every product as well as regularly throughout the year.

Easy To Use

All Rain Bird products are engineered with the challenges of golf professionals in mind and designed to deliver everyday ease of use. From software interfaces to rotor designs, they help you and your crew find quicker, hassle-free paths to top playability.

Real-Life Financing

For nearly seven decades, irrigation has been Rain Bird’s only focus. When you partner with Rain Bird Financial Solutions, you can expect we know golf course irrigation, and we understand how to make it work for you.

  • Flexible plan structure and terms
  • No Advance payments
  • Flexible payment sequence
  • Low Rates

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