Want to know why Wolf Creek continues to choose Rain Bird as our irrigation supplier? Rain Bird is committed to delivering the highest quality, defect-free products in the industry by continuously innovating and improving our products. Rain Bird Golf rotors have a reputation for outstanding quality and since their introduction in 1991, have been continually enhanced. This past year is no exception, Rain Bird Golf is pleased to announce over 30 rotor enhancements that were implemented last year.

These enhancements are a combination of design, manufacturing and assembly changes that provide the highest quality, durability and performance:

• Design improvements in case, internal and valve assemblies
• Production line improvements, including automation and mistake-proofing
• Extensive lab and field tests to validate changes

Sample of 2016 improvements in Rain Bird® 700/751 series and EAGLE® 900/950 series rotors:

1.Stronger 700/751 nozzle base that provides higher resistance to excessive pressure events and withstands extreme winterization and spring startup events, year after year

2. Improved leak resistance in 700/751 with:

  • Better tail plug seal that works reliably for years
  • O-ring that creates a tighter seal between the nozzle base and nozzle housing and reduces the potential for leaks when swapping nozzles
  • Better fit of bottom valve to the case that eliminates probe O-ring damage when servicing the rotor and changing valve

3. Improved 751 full circle/part circle selector that prevents breakage even after years of adjustment:

  • Stronger stem that increases screwdriver load support
  • Increased stability under harsh winterization conditions

4. Automated 180° part circle setting in 751 that provides precise arc setting in every rotor
5. Stronger 950 arc adjustment mechanism that prevents breakage from ratcheting when users turn it past the hard stop inadvertently
6. Improved 700/751/900/950 PRS/Selector assembly:

  •  Upgraded selector seal material that performs reliably for years
  • Reduction of torque required to operate the selector

7. Stainless steel universal filter in 700/751/900/950 bottom valves (see Figure 2):

  • Change in material from nylon to stainless steel that provides greater durability, chemical resistance
    and debris resistance in courses with poor water quality

Why Rain Bird Rotors?

Timeless Compatibility™

  • Latest Rain Bird® 700/751 and EAGLE® 900/950 parts are compatible with every EAGLE® rotor manufactured since 1992. Quality, Durability & Performance
  • Rain Bird rotors have the reputation for outstanding quality as they are built for long-term durability, performing reliably for decades.
  • Compact and durable case made from chemical-resistant, glass filled polypropylene that is 30% stronger and more impact resistant than ABS material used by competitors.
  • Superior debris-resistance and self-flushing action allowing installation even around bunkers and other harsh environments.
  • Superior water distribution uniformity in all head-to-head spacing designs with the most efficient water distribution of any golf rotor provides uniform coverage, resulting in improved turf quality and water savings.

Decades of Innovation

  • Proven innovative features include the closed case design, flush seal, water lubricated gear drive, top service able rock screen with integrated valve seat, and porting water back to the case instead of atmosphere.
  • Exclusive Rapid-Adjust Technology with MemoryArc® in the 751 rotor allows easy top adjustable settings that retain the memory of the part-circle arc setting when shifting between full and part circle operation.

Easy to Use

• Easy top serviceability since 1992.
• Snap-cover design allows quick access to top-serviceable components.
• Patented top serviceable parts such as the Top-Serviceable Rock Screen and replaceable Valve Seat,
Valve Assembly, Internal Assembly, Nozzles, Pressure Regulation System, and Selector Assembly provide
easy access without digging up the rotor.
• Pressure regulation and arc adjustments can be made from the top using only a screwdriver.

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