Several years ago Rain Bird changed golf irrigation control again with the introduction of the Integrated Control (IC) system. IC combines a latching style solenoid with the control circuitry. This is similar to a decoder system, with the decoder and solenoid combined into one unit.  However, because the Rain Bird IC uses a latching type solenoid the energy necessary to open/close is greatly reduced. This offers many benefits such as the ability to turn on and operate many more sprinklers at the same time and often with smaller wire sizes.

Rain Bird ICS rotor valveNo field controllers, decoders, secondary wiring or unnecessary splices mean fewer areas that can breakdown, wear out or malfunction. By the way, Rain Bird IC component failures are now less than 0.00001%. An impressive success rate for any product! More than 600 IC courses are now installed.

Rain Bird IC Reliability

Fewer components increase your system reliability. Rain Bird IC requires up to 90% less wire than traditional satellite control systems and 50% fewer splices than a traditional decoder system.

The Rain Bird IC System is capable of intelligent, two–way communication with each and every ICM on the golf course. Almost all troubleshooting can be managed through intuitive diagnostics built into the central control software. The learning curve for maintenance is minimal. Those operating and maintaining IC systems learn to love the ease of knowing about and finding damaged components.

The IC System is designed to always turn off if problems occur. When the wire path is damaged or cut, or if central control communication is lost, the ICM is designed to turn off automatically.

Rain Bird IC Functionality

The IC System allows the full benefits of Rain Bird central control systems. Benefits include ET-based scheduling, customized course graphics, multiple mapping options, and the ability to “see” the placement and operation of individual rotors.

With the Rain Bird IC Series System, you have the ability to utilize all of Rain Bird’s central control “Smart Features.” Features include, Rain Watch, Minimum ET,™ Smart Weather,™ Smart Pump,™ and Superior Monitoring of system operation.

Easy IC Demos

To make it easier on you, our team has a simple demo kit. This makes it easy for them to visit with you and show you the benefits and mechanics of an operating system. If you are interested in upgrading your control system, please allow us to show you the latest control innovation. By doing so, you will understand a key technology influencing the future of irrigation control.

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