Rain Bird Golf is pleased to announce the release of Rain Bird® 551 Series rotors.  The 551 Series provides the most efficient short-throw solutions for tee boxes and other small areas with short and medium throw range. Easy-to-use MemoryArc® technology makes shifting between full-and-part circle settings as simple as turning a screw.


As with Rain Bird® 700/751 Series and EAGLE™ 900/950 Series rotors, 551 Series rotors offer IC (Integrated Control) models compatible with Rain Bird’s popular IC System™ connecting the central control system directly to every rotor and valve.  Other available models include Block, SAM/Hydraulic, and Electric.  The versatility of 551 Series rotors with short and medium range coverage, higher flow rates, superior distribution uniformity, valve-in-head options, and reliability is unmatched in the industry.

Because 551 Series rotors share a common platform with 700/751 Series, they incorporate all the improvements in golf rotors over the past decade.  Rain Bird engineers its products with Timeless Compatibility™, so golf courses can install the new 551 internal assemblies in existing case assemblies installed as far back as 1992.

Full-Circle 360° Arc

The 551 Series models offer a full-circle 360° arc and an arc adjustable from 30° to 345° in a single rotor. 551 Series offer four nozzles, including a low angle #51 for 32’ or 9.8m coverage. The 551 Series nozzles offer higher flow rates and emit larger water droplets that cut through wind, features not commonly found in rotors with a shorter throw radius. As a result, golf courses can apply water precisely where needed in a shorter amount of time.

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