You’ve just completed a great landscape design for your customer. However, did you know there is opportunity to increase your bottom line with a few additions? Landscape lighting is a great service to offer your customers that will enhance the landscape and fill your pockets.

Getting Started in Lighting

The best way to get started in landscape lighting is buy getting a demo kit and playing around with it. Try setting up a few fixtures in your yard. Try differnt angles and a few differnt fixtures to highlight your landscape. Lighting will look different on different surfaces. Get familiar lighting rocks, lawn sculptures, different sized trees and even the house its self. Start with finding a focal point and work around the yard from there. Consider different areas in which people will look at the yard; for instance, from the back window, from the driveway or from a garden swing.

Outdoor light installation its self isn’t hard and we have lighting experts on staff to help you with any design questions.

Selling to Your Customer

An easy way to sell lighting to your customer is the “keeping up with the Jones’..” pitching point. Basically find a home in the neighborhood that has great landscape lighting, point it out to your customers and they are more likely to want lighting as well. A simple line to get started would be, “I noticed your neighbors down the street recently got landscape lighting. Their home grabbed my attention when I drove over this morning.” If “everyone” else is going it, why shouldn’t they? Give your customer a brief explanation of why lighting would look great in their yard. Giving scenarios such as, “You’re sitting on your back porch swing in the evening, instead of staring at a blank back yard, you could appreciate your new landscape and garden we just installed.” Lighting also acts as a safety precaution for walking from the car at night or enjoying the fire pit with the kids.

Offering lighting to your customers is an easy way to step up your business and give your customers a more complete outdoor space. Contact us for help getting started!

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