Although we experienced a mild weather in most areas of the country, lawns still need some recovery time from the cold weather. Spring is here and many are already tacking projects. There are three services you can add-on to your spring time jobs; aeration, seeding, and fertilizer and weed treatment.

Aeration is a great spring time service to offer because it helps turf recover form the winter. Aeration encourages movement of oxygen, water and nutrients into roost systems.

Seeding is another service to offer. Believe it or not, over seeding in this case is crucial! Over seeding damaged areas of lawn can help break thatch and allow nutrients to reach injured grass roots. To promote grass growth implements a seeding plan that will restore the grass.

Last but not least is fertilizing and weed treatment. This needs to be implemented before winter too. A proper fertilizing and weed treatment schedule can protect turf during the winter. If this was not implemented, grass is most likely damaged from winter. With the combination of these three services, a yard can have a full recovery. If you are going to implement all tree strategies try using a weed treatment first. This is help prevent crab grass and other unwanted yard eyesores.

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