Small ponds are not only affordable for most people, but they’re easy to manage from a construction vantage, and can provide great profits for you. The one-day pond provides solid profit margins. And you can line these small projects up back-to-back, making scheduling easy. But what else is so great about small ponds?

Small Backyard Pond with Fish and PlantsHigher Closing Percentage

Your closing percentage will likely be much higher with smaller projects. Smaller water gardens are popular options because there’s always someone with a backyard that needs a small pond. And if you’re uncomfortable at closing, asking for the sale becomes easier with a small pond because the price tag is affordable. And remember, it’s been our experience that the average water gardener upgrades their water feature about 3 times, meaning future work for you.

A Sure Thing

Another important advantage when installing small ponds is that they lend themselves to a highly efficient process. With Aquascape’s 20-step system, you gain more efficiency because construction is simple. Small projects also allow you to be creative. You rely on the simple, 20-step process and then branch out in your creativity from there. For example, let’s say you’re installing an 8’x11’ pond with a stream. You have time to experiment with twists and turns of the stream since construction efficiency provides time to do so and still get the job done in just one day.

Word of Mouth

Referrals are bountiful with small jobs. The homeowner is happy because you didn’t occupy their backyard for more than a day. The result is beautiful and they’re sure to show off their new water feature to friends and family. The long-term relationship you have with them helps keep referrals coming. With larger water feature projects, not all of the homeowners’ friends can afford that two-week pond that covers their whole backyard. The small pond keeps the project affordable and desirable.

Short, Sweet, and Profitable

Small ponds create a quick turnaround. You won’t run into unforeseen issues like you might with a larger project. In addition, the sooner you finish the job, the sooner you’ll be paid. Small water feature projects are sure to benefit your cash flow, as well as your bottom line.

Ease of Work

When installing small ponds, you don’t have to worry about the schedule of a general contractor. You’re in charge of the project, working together with the homeowner. A small pond can be installed with a much smaller crew, eliminating the need to hire multiple hands. Of course, you could always run a couple of crews that install smaller water features.

The Variables

Your exposure to weather-related setbacks is amplified with large projects. Your estimation of time and material is easy with small projects because the blueprint is basically the same from one project to the next. Bottom line, small ponds are less stressful.

Popularity of Small Ponds

Entry-level ponds provide everyone with the chance to have a pond due to their affordability and the fact that they fit into even the smallest of city lots, which means there is more business opportunity for you.

Would you rather install a $3,000 project in year one for someone and clear $1,500 to come back a year or two later and upgrade that pond for another $7,000 to $8,000 … or would you rather miss the sale completely because an 11’ x 16’ pond wasn’t in their budget?

By offering the option of a smaller water feature at an affordable price, you will close more jobs. Most people who buy a smaller water feature will upgrade them (in fact, our consumer surveys have shown the average pond owner upgrades their water feature three times). Therefore, by providing a smaller water feature option, two things will occur. One, you’ll close more jobs and two, you’ll increase a customer’s lifetime value as you expand and enhance their pond.

Looking to Go Even Smaller?

If you have a customer that wants to hear and see water but doesn’t have the room for a regular size pond or the time to maintain one, then Pondless® Waterfalls and bubbling fountains are a quick and profitable option. Be sure to explore our newest waterfall option – the Backyard Waterfall Landscape Fountain Kit bundled with the new and improved AquaBasin 45.

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