Spring is nearly here! Although it has been a mild winter in most areas, you’ll be able to start on more projects once warm weather is here to stay. So, have you thought about what you’re going to start with? You may have a few jobs lined up or a few to finish from last season but here are some services to consider.

1. Clearing Yards

The snow has thawed (what little even fell) and the sunny sky is highlighting all the mess from fall and winter. Offering clearing services to clients is a good way to get your foot in the door. Consider clearing leaves, branches, and other debris to refresh yards for spring.

2. Yard Aeration

Spring means aeration. Grass goes into hibernation during the winter. Once warm weather returns, aerating in the spring gives the grass a chance to recuperate as it goes into its primary growing season. Be sure to evaluate each lawns’ needs before aerating.

3. Edging

Grass grows slow during the cold months but still grows. Yard maintenance such as edging is a great service to offer homeowners. Landscape edging frames plantings and creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas. Also, consider re-edging the lawn to make a yard look even cleaner.

4. Update Flowerbeds

Spring means bright colors! Update a client’s plant beds to more colorful blooming flowers that gives their house more curb appeal. Homeowners want their properties to look fresh for the season, and there‚Äôs nothing like color in the right places to make their landscapes stand out.

5. Irrigation Checkup

Irrigation systems were most likely winterized at the end of the previous season. Offering irrigation system checks to homeowner is a great spring service. Irrigation systems will be back in use come May so performing a full checkup is important. Check sprinkler heads, nozzles and any drip irrigation. Look for clogs, leaks and proper adjustments or alignments that might be necessary.

Offering all these services are a great way to get new clientele and create return customers. Yes, raking a yard may be a waste of time for some, but you may find out once you’re there that the homeowners also needs plant beds put in and are interested in an irrigation system. Homeowners will use someone they trust. Complete a simple job to their liking and they are likely to use you again for their next project.

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