There are many benefits to maintaining a clean pond or lake. The smells, algae, failing wildlife and green color can be a thing of the past. Aerating a body of water serves to clean, improve environment, grow healthier turf and is visually appealing.

Sub-surface aeration and mixers are one category of aeration devices.

Why Aeration, Not Chemical?

Excess nutrients and lack of oxygen cause a build up in algae and weeds. Chemicals such as algaecides and herbicides are used to clean ponds. Although subsurface-aerationthese chemicals may be effective in cleaning a pond after an infestation, they do not fix the underlying issue. Several preventable issues that occur due to lack of aeration are pond turnover, algae, and muck.

Without proper aeration, most ponds will physically turn over once or twice a year. Ponds separate into different layers over time. The cold, oxygen depleted water is at the bottom and warmer, oxygen rich water is at the top. As the seasons change, the water will turnover. This causes fish to die due to lack of oxygen near the surface of the water.

Due to lack of oxygen and a build up of nutrients, pond algae can thrive in a pond. Algaecides kill algae that is already present, but is not preventative or long term. Pond aeration oxygenates the water, breaking up nutrients.

With lack of oxygen, the decomposition process that breaks down materials in the water cannot occur. Without decomposition, the bottom of the pond begins to build up a black layer of muck that releases excess nutrients into the water further feeding algae and other weed problems.

Aeration of a pond is not only preventative, but also effective in combatting a problem. Although chemicals have some use in reducing issues such as algae, they do not cure the problem. The benefits of installing a surface aeration device or fountain are endless.

The Benefits

It is clear that aeration is more effective long term than chemicals. Not only that, but aeration also improves the health of fish and other aquatic life. The more oxygen in the water, the more the wildlife prosper. With sub-surface systems the air is diffused and subsurface-aeration2bubbled “bottom-up.” This means, the aeration is occurring deeper in the water, which ideal fro de-stratification in deeper ponds. Sub-surface devices also work well in long, narrow ponds. Horizontal mixers create artificial currents that work along shorelines and canals in this environment. Their convenience of no surface sprays and cables is also desired for many bodies of water. Like other aeration systems, sub-surface devices also help maintain the quality of water and support organic digestion.

The Package Deal

Improved safety measures are installed in new models of aeration devices. One supplier of sub-surface aeration systems, Otterbine, is offering 15% off to existing Otterbine customers that wish to upgrade. The newer models also include energy savings that require less amperage and lower operating costs. This combined will less maintenance and a 5 year warranty,  are leading customers to upgrade systems.

Choose aeration over chemicals for the solution to pond problems. Contact your local Wolf Creek Co. location for more information or to place an order.


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