Underground pipesThe principals of drainage are very simple. Water flows down hill. Use the best modern drainage technology. The oldest drainage techniques still have merit, and have lead us to modern solutions. Even today, there are tricks and tips to make application easier and successful.  And, as always, Wolf Creek Co. warehouses are stocked product and people ready to help.

As most people know, too much water is deadly to many plants. And, it makes a wet, muddy mess where people need to traverse. Fortunately there are several new products to ease the hassle of excess water. Often drainage can be tied in with water features and rain water harvesting systems. With the proper equipment, excess water can not only go away, but become a useful part of living spaces.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

Let Nature Work

The best mechanical systems work with nature not against her.

Water seeks its own level; a good drainage system allows that to happen so that damage, mess, and aesthetics are not hindered.  To get a handle on an excess water situation, the job is to give water somewhere else to go.

Use Drainage Technology

Because the principals of drainage are simple, many think doing things the way they were 75 years ago is still acceptable.  Nope.  Good drainage has to do the job, be affordable, and last a long time.  Recent innovations make your job much easier.

French DrainageEZ-Flo Tubing–  An improvement over traditional slotted French drain tubing.  A geotextile mesh encloses a packing of geosynthetic aggregate to form a self contained French Drain.

No gravel is needed!  Installation time is reduced by up to 75% and it has a 30% higher flow rate.

EZ-Flo will also last as much as twice as long compared to traditional gravel packed French drains.  Reduced flow due to silting is the killer of all sub-surface drainage, EZ-Flo will fight silting much longer.

DrainagePop-Up Emitters  Catch water at the downspouts, run tubing to a suitable area, install a pop-up emitter.  In use the emitter rises to allow water to exit the tubing.  When not in use, the emitter pops down so it can be mowed over and does not impede foot traffic.

These emitters need to be kept free of rocks that could keep the tops up. Open emitters can clog the pipes, causing overflow in other key drainage areas. But, they are an exultant way to keep overflow off the property.

Flo-Well   A collection chamber to temporarily collect and hold drainage water and allow leaching.  An easy and more effective alternative to traditional dry wells.  You can even install a sump pump in it!  Holds more water and will last longer than graveled pits.

Channel Kits–  Each kit includes almost all parts that would ever be necessary.  Greatly simplifies a channel drain installation.

As we’ve seen, modern techniques are enhancements of time-tested, proven methods. With the proper tools, water vanishes from a property, making you clients’ live easier. Learn more about these products and more at your local Wolf Creek location.

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