Watering is a delicate science. Too much or too little can result in water waste, dead greens and lost money. 

Signs of Over Watering:

  • Blades wilt and feel limp
  • Increased mowing due to thick thatch growth
  • Lawn remains soggy for longer periods

Signs of Under Watering:

  • Blades wilt and feel crisp
  • Soil is dry
  • Grass does not quickly spring back when stepped on
  • Slower blade growth

Overwatering can lead to turf diseases. Look for the following signs in your turf.

  • Rot can occur in the thatch in areas not getting direct sunlight
  • Root Rot – A fungal disease that starts at the root system, causing a lawn to turn yellow then brown
  • Moss – Usually appears in moist conditions in places with high levels of shade
  • Powdery Mildew – A diseas that leaves a powdery-white substance over the lawn’s surface
  • Brown Patch Lawn Disease – A turf fungus that creates brown circle in the lawn

Signs of a Healthy Turf:

  • Fairly even color range from green to dark-grey green
  • Grass blades bounce back almost immediately when walked on
  • Even thatch at the soil level
  • Blades will have fairly even thickness

A great way to help manage turf health is by installing drainage. Drainage helps prevent turf disease from sitting water and overly saturated turf. ADS is one of Wolf Creek’s trusted drainage brands. Need help with managing an irrigation system. Give us a call, we are happy to help.

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