Our industry continues to age. Good labor has been an issue for years. But now any labor is a big problem. H2B helps for a few (only 12% of landscape business use H2B). Attracting young people to enter our business is the real key.

Age and Tenure
• 49% of the respondents have been in the green industry for more than 31 years!
• 75% for more than 21 years
• Which means 27% have been in our industry for less than 20 years.
• 28% of us are older than 60 years
• 38% are between 50 – 59
• Only 12% are younger than 40.

Attracting young people is critical for our future. Many efforts are underway, such a as the Ohio Landscape and Nursery Association’s Ohio Landscape Olympics and programs offered by other Green Industry groups. Support these programs!!!

The Green Industry has a lot to offer young folks. We pay well, in fact 87% of contractors are paying more than 6% above minimum wage for general labor. 64% are paying 11% more.

Our industry is easy to enter, learn, and advance. Most new companies are those who started working for other contractors.

Besides that it’s a fun business. Yes there’s days of hard work, but those in our business get to see some of the best properties in town and meet shakers-n-movers. The hard work even helps keep you in good physical shape!

-Scott Knowles, President

Article based on information from the January Irrigation & Green Industry magazine survey.

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