Wolf Creek Company is here to serve you. We do so by offering yearly winter classes at our locations, in addition to year-a-round online courses through our portal.

Wolf Creek Company University

This year at Wolf Creek Company University we are proud to provide you with the latest and greatest winter classes. Each course offers a unique way to learn and become better at managing certain systems. Wolf Creek Co. knows you are busy, that’s why we wait until the winter months to provide you with low cost training for the newest industry systems. We offer various on site classes for you convenience. They are hands on and interactive, making it easy to learn.

wcc-wolf-logoThis year’s slogan is “year of the wolf.” Wolves, out of all the power animals, have one of the strongest symbolisms. For obvious reasons, the wolf is our company’s spirit animal. Wolves have strong connections with instincts or intuition. At Wolf Creek Company we follow the instinct to invest in others. By providing classes for industry workers we can better educate and prepare you for the next season. Only through your success can the Green Industry be successful.

The wolf also represents high intelligence. As a business owner you must be constantly thinking of ways to get ahead of the pack. Strategic management and wise actions lead to a successful, thriving business. By fine tuning your knowledge through WCCU classes, you are better preparing yourself for any battle to come this spring.

Loyalty and communication are also among wolf qualities. Our loyalty to the Green Industry goes past the bottom line. We have created a business of learning and helping. Here at Wolf Creek Company we are here at every step of the way. Whether an irrigation installation, piping or design, we can answer your questions. Creating communication within the industry is the only way we will build a strong career and business.

So, take advantage of the off season by taking WCCU classes this winter at a location near you. Run with the wolf pack this January- March. Expand your industry knowledge by learning more and perfecting your craft. To view the full class schedule visit the Wolf Creek Company calendar here. For more information about courses at a location near you click here.

Wolf Creek Company Portal

Busy plowing snow or just want to stay in for the winter? No problem! Wolf Creek Company has also created an online portal for you to learn the newest industry standards and equipment. By starting these classes now, you will be more knowledgeable for projects come spring. The sign-up is easy and the cost is very low. Get your and your team caught up on in this constantly updating industry. Click here to enter the portal and sign up.