Technology is everywhere. Although not all of us are actively engaged in social media, our clients are. Investing time and a little money in social media can get you further than you think. 

1. Social Media Increases Brand Loyalty

I’m sure you have many repeat clients. That’s the goal right, to have continual work without seeking out new clients? Social media is a great tool to help owners build a relationship with their clients and have them coming back. You need to build your company image during this process.

By having social media accounts you are getting your name out there. Every person that sees your account, even if they don’t need your services right now, are building your brand recognition. So, what happens when those people need an irrigation or lighting system put in later? They will remember your posts and your logo that kept popping up for weeks and months prior. They will automatically check you out first.

Your clients can become free advertisement for you. If you do a good job they will naturally endorse your brand. They are loyal and will promote you on social media through various avenues.

2. Who isn’t using social media these days?

So many people are using social media, 69% of Americans to be exact (Social Media Fact Sheet by Pew Research Center). Of the most popular social medias are, Facebook (68%), followed by Instagram (28%), Pinterest (26%), LinkedIn (25%), and lastly Twitter (21%). Wolf Creek Company does it all. Why you might ask? Well, for SEO mainly. Yes, we use social media to interact with customers and potential customers, but for SEO too. SEO means search engine optimization. Simply put, the more your name is on the internet and is linked and shared everywhere, the better.

There is more to social media than just having one. Users, especially on Facebook are very active. Frequently posting engaging and relevant information will help your page the most.

3. Social Media is More than Just for Fun 

Many people have the frustration of everyone constantly being on their phones. Well, this time it might work in your favor. Online users are now accessing social media for information not just entertainment. What does that mean for you? It means more and more of your potential customers are going to start looking for the services you offer via social platforms. That could mean potential clients searching for “landscaping” on Facebook and finding local businesses “liked” by their friends, or reviewing a company’s portfolio on Instagram before deciding to hire.

Having a strong social media presence will allow more people to find you and determine if you’re the right fit for the job. Not only does this save you time and money but it also gets you more clients at less of an expense. For ideas, visit any of Wolf Creek Company’s social mediums.

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