How are your sprinklers preforming? Well, if you haven’t conducted a professional water audit, you probably don’t know.

A water audit is a complex series of tests which evaluates the health and efficiency of an irrigation system. An irrigation audit inspects and measures how effective the sprinklers water-auditare working together. They can test within each individual irrigation zone, or a targeted area. Results are compiled and used in combination with other observations and measurements to facilitate irrigation management. A system evaluation requires a catch can test to monitor the distribution uniformity. This tool can reliably indicate a problem with the pumps, sprinklers, hydraulics or programming.

When conducted by trained professionals, like Wolf Creek Company, inefficiencies in an irrigation system may be identified. Flaws in a sprinkler system may be difficult to detect unless a professional water audit is conducted. An auditor’s job is not to manage water, design systems, or even install. An auditor should compile data for installers, designers or managers. An audit is not something you conduct once, then forget about. Irrigation systems must be managed consistently and regularly to account for the changes that happen in the weather and landscape. Some golf courses are spending as much as 5-20% too much on water costs. Conducting an audit can correct that problem.

Testing the System

It’s normal for problems to develop as a field changes. These problems may not always be detected on a computer system. That’s why it’s important to preform water audits as well. As parts wear, they begin to have defects. Dry and over saturated spots are an indicator of a failing irrigation system. If flow meters are installed, data can be collected and compared to the computer system. Large differences between the two systems could be causing low pressure problems. This issue creates the need to over irrigation. It costs you water-audit2money.

Detailed reports of pump house operations, flow meters, hydraulics, valves, sprinklers, the central computer, and satellites, need to be preformed. Some repairs may be costly, but most will save you money in the long run. For more information about conducting a water audit contact your local Wolf Creek Company location.

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