We’re heading out of July this week, but that’s no reason to stop thinking about Smart Irrigation. Watering can be a tricky thing to manage, yet managing it properly saves your customers money. And, knowing the best methods can determine the health of turf. How much and how long to apply water depends on the type of soil that is being watered.  Hard, compacted soil takes considerably longer to absorb water than loose granular soil.  In order to maximize water use and prevent runoff, use the cycle and soak method of irrigation.

Some choose to water their grass all at once, but it is actually better to water three times a day. Watering in increments gives compacted soil adequate time to soak up water. Now, this may be difficult for golf courses, whom are occupied during the day. But, watering at least once in the morning and once at night will prove more effective. If possible, landscapers should schedule irrigation for three times daily.

Watering should be completed in four minutes for each zone. This will avoid over watering and build deeper roots. There should also be at least one hour between each watering cycle. The already moist soil will be able to soak up the additional water without drowning. This will also enable additional water to travel even deeper to the roots and in turn, create a healthier lawn. Applying too much water will harm the grass and result in wasted water from run-off.

Different types of grass and soil will require differing amounts of water. It is important to check how deep the water is penetrating the soil. Checking the soil will allow you to make irrigation adjustments if needed. To check the penetration level, 30 minutes after watering, take a shovel and dig a small hole. With your hand feel for the moist soil. Most turf requires six to eight inches of penetration below the surface. If the soil is dry at that depth, continue with another watering cycle.

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